Do you want a free TV?

How to get free stuff for your new place

For those that are economically challenged shall we say, buying new furniture such as sofas, fridges and other household essentials can be a difficult and often challenging experience.

Now what if I was to tell you that there are hundreds of sofas, TVs, beds and cupboards being thrown out across the country every week. It’s hardly fair is it. However, there is a way to harness all this free loveliness and it comes in the form of the Internet.

Yes I know about the Internet

The websites I’m talking about can be found easily and quickly with a simple search. The ones I am currently using are two sites called freecycle and freegle. These sites are updated daily and users can post anything and everything that they no longer wants and giving away.


This works to the benefit of both the chuck-ee and the receiver. You see the original owner no-longer wants the sofa that once took prize position in the corner of their living room. However, this sofa needs a new home. This is usually in the form of the tip or dump. Which, you’d be surprised to hear actually costs the owner money. Also if a person plans to move house they will more than likely have to make time out of the schedule to dump said sofa. For those moving house you should always make sure you are redirecting your mail, as I eluded to on this site. For more info on change of addresses see for details.

Step in the Internet

Just like everything in life, the Internet has made giving things away easier than a connect 4 match with your grand-kids. Simply log on to any of these sites and you will have discovered the eBay of unwanted items, and the best thing about it is that they are all free. Okay, they will not be the best quality and we have been used. But they are free, and if you are in a difficult situation or just starting out in your own place, it can be a great option.

Some tips on using Freecycle

Get up early – you will need to get up early to reap the rewards of the best staff on the site. Although these items are being given away for free in the world we live in there will be people trying to profit from such kind endeavours. Now we are a peace and loving group here so rather than create a hate campaign against those profiting from Freecycle, we decided to simply get up earlier than they do.

Keep checking – the site is updated at various times during the day. This means that if you keep checking the website you will be the first person who sees that TV or hi-fi, which will be in high demand once users find the offer.

Don’t give up – Do not get disheartened if you are not successful immediately, keep trying. God loves a trier after all!

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