The origins of ‘self help’

The original “self help” book was named just that, ‘Self Help’ by Samuel Smiles in 1859. This book encourages hard work, persistence, and courage. Ideas that are timeless and can be as beneficial today as they were then.

Perhaps the most famous “self help” book in modern history was ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. The author interviewed over 40 millionaires and investigated what made them different. Originally published in 1937, all the principles are still relevant today. This book also has timeless ideas and encourages readers to change their attitude; that by thinking differently we will come to see the value in hard work; to grow rich we must change the way we think.

Another similar book from that era was published in 1936 and has easily stood the test of time was written by Dale Carnegie. Several years ago, I was at a graduation ceremony for high school students and the guest speaker told the excited young graduates, “if there is one book that can change your life, it is ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People.’ Highly organized and sectioned into easy to use points, this book presents real world advice to show us how we can win people over to our point of view, change others minds without them getting angry, and how to be happy in life.

A more recent self-help book, published in 1989, is titled, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R Covey. Here the author introduces character ethics and pro-activity, with seven common habits which all successful people possess. He also coined the much used terms abundance mentality in which there are enough resources, wealth, and opportunities for everyone to prosper – and the opposite perspective, the scarcity mindset.

All of these books have in common great advice for any reader, and the shared concepts that push us to become the person we want to become.

The ultimate purpose of all forms of education should be to bring out the best in each of us, both now and in our own future experiences.  These books have the potential to change our perspective, our life, and the direction of our future from poverty to wealth, providing us with confidence and inner strength to overcome inevitable obstacles and frustrations.

In this tradition, Click for Brick Lane teaches these concepts as well as the new uses of computing and networking to make life and business easier for everyone. The book is structured into an easy to achieve step by step process for self helping yourself into using computers, tablets, cell phones, and all technology to make more money and get busy. Put technology to work for you. Join the growing numbers of entrepreneurs and savvy business professionals who are making a great living by working with innovative programs and staying on the cutting edge of what is available to help us grow rich.

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