Pubs and Bars

Pubs and Bars  in Brick Lane

Vibe Bar
Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane. London E1
020 72377 2899

The Vibe Bar sums up all that’s best about scruffy/cool Shoreditch-type boozers. Equipped with arcade games, scuffed leather sofas and extremely laid-back staff, this is the place to go for afternoon Bloody Marys or evening shenanigans. There is also a courtyard out the front that is the focus of the action when it’s hot and sunny.

93 Feet East
150 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London E1
027 7247 6095

93 Feet East is another “must visit” East End bar, and pleasantly different from the Vibe across the road. A chic’n’spartan interior coupled with an awesome line up of DJs and live music ensure that this nightspot is always packed with an up-for-it crowd.

The White Swan
21 Alie Street, London E1
020 7702 0448

Very popular with local real ale connoisseurs, The White Swan is a fairly traditional 19th century pub. Features include a pool table and darts board, and there are occasional quiz nights. The all-day breakfast is also highly recommended.

Vibe bar brick lane

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Exit Bar Brick Lane

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Big chill Brick Lane

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Craftti bar

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 Feet East Club

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