Why being pregnant doesn’t have to mean not being feminine

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and exciting experience – however it can be difficult for some to cope with a changing body. While this is a great excuse to go on a bit of a shopping spree, it can be challenging because you temporarily can’t fit into the same style of clothes that you know and love. Switching to a new style during your pregnancy can be a bit of a challenge, but here are some great tips to get you started.

  • No matter what your shape, a maxi dress is always super stylish for pregnant women. Adding a tailored jacket or a shrug pulls the look together and gives structure to your outfit.
  • Empire waist dresses look beautiful on every woman whether they are pregnant or not. This summer get them in vibrant colors and the flashy neons to embrace the warm weather style. Whether it be formal or casual maternity dresses there are so many options for all occasions.
  • You also shouldn’t shy away from figure hugging dresses. Embracing your baby bump tastefully is still elegant.
  • Flowing dresses also look great. Strappy and sleeveless dresses can be the attraction when you buy a long flowing dress. You can also add a loose belt below the baby bump for an extra fun accessory.

Breezy summer dresses in bold stripes to cute polka dots, solid colors to bright prints there is so much that you can get. You can wear over the knees dresses and combine it with flat sandals as well as layered necklaces to look cute and summery! Maybe adding a Fedora hat can complete the sophisticated look of your summer dresses.

It is inherent to face challenges when you are expecting, and feeling chic might be daunting in those last few months. However dressing up that cute little bump is the most adorable thing ever.

Looking feminine

Picking a dress that suits you is easy if you understand your body type. It can be pear-shaped, apple shaped, or even petite. But remember, the wrong size can be unflattering and will zap your confidence. The idea is to flatter your body with clothes that are right for you. Take a look at some feminine styles like La Cera’s summer dresses that are casual and elegant:

  • La Cera dresses, like the float dresses, are easy-fitting with an open V-neck in cotton. The subtle styling with shirring at the neck and side pockets suit most women. A tie dress like the leaf print La Cera will give you a lovely fit and flatter your figure. The three quarter sleeves and removable tie belt with the V-neck are a dressy piece and they will go well for any occasion.
  • A front-button denim lounger in a relaxed fit with side seam pockets give an air of casual elegance that’s good to wear everywhere. While choosing your dress, keep in mind that you must pay attention to the length of the sleeves, hem length and style to suit your figure.
  • A wrap dress or a cross-draped top looks ultra-feminine and give most figures a nice silhouette. And with a V-neck, these dresses make your waistline look slender.
  • Cotton knit shifts suit curvy bodies as well as the slightly curved bodies. Princess seams again flatter your shape just like a shift shirtwaist dress. Something that looks right on most women is the A-line skirt. An empire top raises the waistline to make your torso longer and can conceal a thick waist.

Go with flattering lines that suit your body type. Subtle, simple lines can never go wrong.


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