Getting a discount and not relying on your savings

It was recently revealed that more and more people are dipping into their savings to splash out on holidays rather than paying off outstanding debts as confidence in our economy rises.

Previously, the most common reason for Brits to dip into their ‘rainy day’ pot, was to cover an unexpected bill that dropped through the letterbox. However, with new found confidence in an ailing UK economy, savers are now prepared to treat themselves to a little trip to the sun instead of balancing the spreadsheets.

In fact, 31% of us would rather recharge the batteries by the sea than avoid going overdrawn; a clear sign that confidence is growing across the economy, from job security to interests rates.

Despite the increased positivity, a full recovery is still a long way away for many households as 30% are still unable to save any money at all as the tough times continue.

We think everybody deserves a holiday, so we have put together some tips to help you cut costs on your way to the sun.


Self-catering is nothing new when it comes to Brits holidaying abroad and they can still offer a cheaper option compared to Hotels as well as more flexibility. The difference is that the options open to holidaymakers now are far broader than a few years ago.

There are plenty of websites that offer a great, low-cost way for people to rent rooms or entire apartments, often in the best places around the world, simply and cheaply. Homeowners can rent out their houses and earn extra cash, whilst holidaymakers get a home away from home at lower costs than most budget hotels.


A great British classic…with a twist.

Gone are the days of soggy British holidays in a muddy field with the kids screaming and everyone wanting to pack up and go home. Glamping is the new way to get in touch with nature with a little splash of luxury. Tipis, yurts and wigwams are all great ways to go camping with all the chic and luxury of a 5* hotel…and you can even spend your nights sleeping under the stars.

Discount Dining

When used wisely, they could lead to a much cheaper break in the sun. When you have your holiday booked, it pays to do your research for local restaurants and you may be able to find coupons and vouchers which will enable you to eat out for less. Or, failing that, many restaurants offer early evening menus where you can bag a gourmet bargain.

Voucher codes are also a great way to entertain yourself for less, day or night, with many offering reduced entrance to local attractions, galleries, museums and even the odd theme park or two. And when night falls, grab some cut-price culture with discounted theatre tickets or 2-4-1 at the cinema!

What type of shopper are you; the shameless bargain-hunter who will quibble over every penny or the suffer-in-silence type who hates to complain?

Until recently, if you weren’t prepared to fight tooth and nail for a discount or a freebie then you were left paying the full price for most things. However, in recent years the way we shop has been revolutionised with the advent of a discount culture in which every shopper can hit the high street armed with codes and vouchers entitling them to huge discounts.

But is it this simple?

A recent study found that 21% of shoppers are too ashamed to whip out a discount code at the checkout through fear of being thought a cheapskate. Is this irrational behaviour or are people right to think they are being judged for using vouchers?

Well, it may not be as surprising as you think according to a survey by Coupon Cabin which found that only 26% of people would feel comfortable using a coupon on a first date, with good reason as it was found that 12% would refuse the go on a second date with someone who used a voucher.

Although it is becoming more and more acceptable to hunt for a bargain, it would seem that using coupons is still tied up with age and social acceptance with those aged between 25-34 the least likely to use a voucher to grab a deal, whilst those above the age of 55 brandish their coupons with pride, regardless of what others may think.

If the trend continues then we may find ourselves socially outcast if we don’t approach the checkout with a hand stuffed with vouchers or a smartphone brimming with discount codes! So if you are one of the non-believers who have yet to embrace the ‘Money-off Movement’ then it’s about time you jumped on-board and bagged a bargain like the rest of us!

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